Eid Al Adha
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What is Eid Al Adha ? What is the Origin of Eid Al Adha? Eid Al Adha in 2018
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Who Celebrate Eid Al Adha?

Every Dhul-Hijjah, there will be a festival to commemorate Ibrahim’s sincerity and obedience. In the past, Allah commanded Ibrahim to sacrifice his beloved son. Ibrahim loves his son, Ishmael. But, he obeyed Allah’s command. The moment he would sacrifice Ishmael, suddenly Allah gave a ram instead of Ishmael. At that day, Ishmael was no sacrificed. Then, this event is celebrated as Eid Al Adha. Who celebrates this event? All Muslims around the world will celebrate this big event annually. This is a very great event. There are many traditions that show togetherness and care among families and friends on this event.

One of them is sacrificing halal animal by muslims who can afford it. Many Muslims will make particular effort to pray at a mosque or open field that is prepared for praying. After the prayer, there will be a sermon. At this special day, they will wear their best clothes to pray. Who celebrates Eid Al Adha and should perform the prayer? According to some Islamic law, men are supposed to perform Eid prayer at mosque or field where the prayer is held. Women are also encouraged to attend. But, menstruating women should not participate in the prayer. Menstruating can present to see the gathering of the Muslims. Those are good health and residents (not include travelers) should perform prayer.

Children are allowed to follow the prayer. They are recommended to perform the prayer, but they should not make noise. In this great event, there will be an act of sacrificing an animal. This act is called Qurbani or Udhiya. Qurbani represents the animal that was sacrificed by Ibrahim in place of Ishmael. Who celebrates Eid Al Adha and should perform Qurbani? The wealthy Muslims should perform Qurbani. The poor Muslims are not obligated to do Qurbani. The animal for Qurbani or Udhiya can be goat, sheep, cow, and camel that meet the qualification.


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