Eid Al Adha
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When is Eid Al Adha?

How excited have you been waiting for the Eid Al Adha? When is Eid Al Adha actually? We know that it is one of the big days when all of Muslims around the world celebrate this day. Some of the families will gather with the big families, and they eat the meat from the sacrificed families.

Eid Al Adha is remembered as to see the examples on how Abraham would sacrifice his own son, but then Allah gave the ease to sacrifice animals instead of Ishmael. That is why Muslims should follow on how Abraham showed his faith and Taqwa to Allah. Then there are Sunnah deeds that Muslims should do.

The first deed is by doing the fasting for those Muslims who don’t do Hajj, and the second they sacrifice animals like goat, cow, and camel. As it is the big day, you may want to know when it will come. Usually, it comes two months and 10 days later after Eid Al Fitr, but it depends on how the government will decide the day of Eid Al Adha.

Every country will have a different view in deciding the day of Eid Al Adha. The reason why it is different is that of the matter of having different moon sighting. The 9th Dzulhijjah people will do Arafah fasting will be different. It is okay based on what Ibn Abbas said about the difference.

There is the difference on moon sighting because some countries may not see the moon clearly on the day predicted, and some countries may be able to see the moon on the day predicted. However, this year could be probably on the first of September. No matter the day it is predicted, just wait how your Government will decide the day for the Eid Al Adha because not all the days will be the same as in Saudi Arabia.


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