Eid Al Adha
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Is Eid Al Adha Holiday ?

Each religion and faith have a certain main festival. Commonly, that day will be decided as a public holiday so the believers could fully celebrate their special event. Muslims has two main festivals annually, named Eid al Fitr and Eid al Adha that is also popular as Feast of the Sacrifice. Eid al-Fitr is celebrated on the tenth month of Islamic calendar while Feast of the Sacrifice is celebrated on the twelfth month of Islamic calendar. Muslim will celebrate this great day with several traditions like praying, sacrificing an animal, and gathering together.

Praying together in a mosque or an open field is performed in the morning. This is the main act to start the celebration. After performing prayer, Muslims will greet each other. Visiting relatives is a very great moment. Muslim will use this great holiday to gather with family and friend. Many kinds of food and drink will be prepared to welcome the guest on Eid al Adha.

The tradition of sacrificing halal animals will add the warmness of this event. Some people will cook and eat the meat together with their beloved ones. Togetherness and happiness are the main points. At this festival, the poor people will be given the meat. Those who don’t have money to buy meat will have a chance to eat meat together. This festival shares happiness to many people.

In some countries in US, UK, Canada or Australia, Eid al Adha is not a public holiday. To celebrate the event, some Islamic organization may not offer service or only open a half day. There will be local congestion near the mosque. Muslims commonly celebrate the festival inside the mosque. But, in countries with many Muslims like Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and Jordan almost all people can get full free time from their daily work.


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