Eid Al Adha
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What to say during Eid Al Adha ?

Certainly, we are familiar with Eid Al Adha. What to say about this special occasion? This is one of the great days for Muslims around the world. This is a big event that is celebrated every year to commemorate Ibrahim’s loyalty to Allah. Allah gave a test to Ibrahim to sacrifice his lovely son. Certainly, a son is very precious for all parents. Parents will do everything to make their son happy.

They won’t let anyone hurt their son. When a parent is ordered to kill his son, certainly it is a very hard thing. But, Ibrahim could pass the test. Ibrahim proved his loyalty to Allah. Allah changed Ishmael with a ram to be sacrificed. Then, the wealthy Muslim families are expected to buy a sheep or goat and then slaughter it when celebrating Eid Al Adha. A cow or camel also can be sacrificed. The animal that is chosen should meet the standard. The rules include a certain age and high-quality animal. The age and the quality should meet the requirements. The animal should be slaughtered according to the Halal standards as a symbol of Ibrahim’s sacrifice.

The meat is supposed to meet good standards for consumption like making sure that the animal is halal, healthy and clean before being slaughtered. The animal should not be killed in front of another.

The event generally starts in the early morning. Muslims dressed up with their finest clothes before making their morning prayers. Prayer is the first tradition to begin other traditions when celebrating Eid Al Adha. Visiting family and sharing food or money with those who are less fortunate are the great tradition of celebration. There is a possibility to meet Muslims from many places. What to say when meeting them? Of course, you should say a greeting like “Happy Eid” or “Eid Mubarak”.


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