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Is Eid Al Adha about Isaac or Ishmael ?

Have you known Eid Al Adha that is also called as Eid al-Kabir? From the name, we can say that is the great day. Some non-Muslims people may think that Eid al-Fitr as the greatest day for Muslim. But, there is also an opinion that states this event is the greatest one in Muslim calendar. However, both Eids are great days for Muslim. Eid al-Kabir is celebrated by all Muslims globally. This is a remembrance of the event that was occurred a long time ago.

The history Eid al-Kabir is the son of sacrifice. It is about Ismael. But, some people also say that the son of sacrifice is Isaac. Which one the son of sacrifice? You will get the answer after reading this part. There are two versions of this history, from Islam point of view and Christian point of view.

Eid Al Adha is related to Prophet Ibrahim. Prophet Ibrahim is also known as Abraham in the Christian and Jewish traditions. Christians argue that the son of sacrifice was Isaac, Ibrahim’s son with his wife named Sarah. But, in Islam version, the son of sacrificed is Ishmael, Ibrahim’s son with Hagar. Non-Muslims may recognize a similar form of a story from the Bible.

According to Islam point of view, Allah gave a test to Ibrahim as a sign of loyalty to Allah. The test was sacrificing his son. Ibrahim really loved his son. But, he followed Allah’s order to sacrifice his son. Ibrahim had proven his loyalty to Allah, and then Allah changes the son with a ram. Finally, Ibrahim sacrificed a ram, not his son. From this happening, Eid Al Adha is also celebrated with sacrificing an animal. But, the true story about the son of sacrifice Isaac or Ishmael will depend on each faith.


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