Eid Al Adha
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Eid Al Adha Food Recipes

Muslims celebrated Eid al Fitr several days ago. It means that the time to celebrate Eid Al Adha is not far. The believers will celebrate this special event with family and of course food. Islam is a universal religion. The menu and recipes for this holiday will be various to the region. But, the food menu will be centered on the main ingredient: goat or lamb. In Pakistan and other Southeast Asian countries, Biryani is the popular dish.

For American families, the seared lamb is the attractive dish for the night. Some people in Turkey commonly use the meat to make kebab. The main dish of most Moroccan families will be tagine. Apart from of the rich variations of the dish that will be prepared, certainly there is a lot of preparation far from that day. Most women will search for the recipes to set up the delightful dish at a special event. Do you want to present a great and new menu for celebrating Eid Al Adha?

These are some choices of food that can be tried for your special moment.

Roast lamb

You can choose the best leg of lamb and roast it. You can easily find the best leg of lamb at Eid Al Adha. But, you can use lamb chops if you still not sure. As long as you have oven space, you will be able to make the delightful dish. The rich flavor of lamb will be great with chilies, garlic, and coriander. So, don’t be timid to cook it.


This is popular Southeast Asian rice food, especially for a big holiday celebration. This is a great option if you need to feed a group. This spiced rice is blended with protein and vegetables. You can also make it vegan or vegetarian to satisfy any request. You can read the recipes for more instruction.


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